The #1 Thing Keeping Our Business Growing & Community Thriving...

The #1 Thing Keeping Our Business Growing & Community Thriving...

We believe it trumps everything.

We have built our entire business on it.

It’s how we were able to launch HTC with a full client load without even having promoted our services.

It’s our core value not just as individuals but as business partners and a team.

It’s how we organically grew our following.

It’s how we sustain a thriving community.

What’s our secret sauce??


And let’s be real, if you know us, it’s no secret. Connection is what we are all about.

We are born connectors. We love eye contact and getting to know people and supporting them in all they do. We don’t sugar coat it or fake it. When we ask how you are, we really want to know.

There’s a big difference between networking and connecting. To us, networking implies surface level and broad stroke connecting with a particular goal in mind. We prefer connecting because we go below the surface, dig deep and build relationships. We aren’t knocking networking, we are just saying when it comes down to it, we opt for connection.

Sure, it takes time. It’s a slower, more organic growth. But it’s genuine, powerful and has lasting effects.

We’ve witnessed first hand how powerful connection is when it comes to our business. We became friends and business partners because of connecting first online then in real life.

We see the power or connection at every Gathering we have held over the last 3 years and have loved the lifelong friendships we’ve built. That magic is infused into every event and space we hold.

We have developed strong collaborative partnerships and a powerhouse team of womxn. These collabs are rooted in mutual respect, understanding and common cause.

We have loyal clients because of our attention to building and sustaining authentic connection. To be honest, we haven’t even spent time or energy promoting or marketing our services due to our spaces filling up our slots with folks we had existing connections with. And then because of those relationships and the trust that was cultivated, they continue to introduce and connect us to other potential clients.

We know there are a lot of ideas out there to market and promote and make $$$ fast. But we also know that building sustainable growth takes time and we see the value of relationship building strategies as a key not just to keep our business running but growing. Hell, the Being Boss ladies just did a podcast episode on the value of word of mouth marketing and it made it into Forbes!

Connection and relationship building aren’t things we take lightly. We are keen observers and stay focused on aligning ourselves with other people who we feel a connection with.  We take our time and build relationships because we value vulnerability, compassion and trust. We spend ample time on calls, group texts, in person meetings and dinner parties to continue to nurture our relationships.

We are purposeful in who we connect with and more importantly how we connect with them. We practice transparency and walk our talk. We aren’t perfect and sometimes we have to break up with people due to our values and vision not aligning, that’s life.

We knew right away when we built HTC that it would be founded and centered on connection. We also knew that it would take time and patience to grow HTC because of this intentional choice.

Once we connect with you be aware: we then start connecting you with others! That’s just how we roll. We don’t believe in scarcity or secrets- there’s plenty to go around and it’s better to do it together!

But let us tell you this: it’s worth it and it’s working.

We are coaches but not business coaches. We consult, guide and support womxn, brands and causes and base it on connection and collaboration. Because we firmly believe that if you want to build a business, community, or campaign-you have to be connecting. And it has to be real and purposeful.

We believe that how we connect with new friends at a Gathering, a new email that hits our inboxes, a potential client or collaborative partner all remains the same. Sure the dialogue may be different but the actual way we connect is the same way for everyone. This keeps thing simple, authentic and impactful.

So how do you start?

Here are 5 of our favorite ways to build authentic connection - whether you’re an entrepreneur or looking to meet new folks- this is where you can begin:

  1. Be yourself. We believe you can’t create authentic connection without being yourself. Get real about what’s holding you back or getting in in your way. Honor it then find a way to courageously remove it or move it aside so you can show up fully YOU.

  2. Give yourself permission. We believe it always begins with this. Permission to do, be or feel whatever you need. Permission to be vulnerable, courageous and speak your truth.

  3. Embrace the awkward. Let’s be real, we are all awkward and when you meet new people, it’s especially awkward. So let’s just embrace it and hell, call it out. This humanizes us and allows you and the other person to knock out the lingering BS and just be real.

  4. Skip the weather talk. Weather is waaayyy too easy to lean on in times of new meetings or awkwardness. Swap small talk for fun facts and deep dives. Ask people how their heart is rather than how they are so they don’t default into the “fine” zone. Ask people what they are passionate about rather than what they do for a living.

  5. Listen. Make eye contact, tune into your body language and actively listen. Be cautious of advice giving and one upping. Listen with resonance and try to pause to ask yourself why you are sharing before you do. It allows for a more intentional interaction.

We practice these 5 steps every time we connect with someone whether that be at a Gathering, an email or a new client. We are genuine in our intention to get to know you -all of you. We enter these engagements without judgment and allow space for it to naturally unfold.

It can feel a little wonky or different at first because we are so conditioned, especially as women, to connect or “network” a certain way. We are redefining how women connect. Let’s defy the status quo of how we build relationships-especially at work and in business. See how we do it at our upcoming Gathering or reach out and contact us because we would love to connect with you!

HTC Featured in WISH Cleveland

HTC Featured in WISH Cleveland

There's something you should know...

There's something you should know...