There's something you should know...

There's something you should know...

We do things differently…

We tried on the boss babe and girl boss hats and well, they didn't fit well.  We aren't born business mavens. And don't worry, we will never tell you we are.  

You won't hear stories of rags to riches or see us boasting about how many $k's we made last quarter. We don't pitch marketing tactics, gimmicks or funnels to lure you into prioritizing money and success over values and legacy.   

We don’t sell, we serve.

Sure, money is exchanged and business is done. We aren't denying that we are entrepreneurs with goals, plans and dreams >> hello, we have bills and student loans too! And we know money is a valuable tool we need to make shit happen. But it has and never will be just an exchange of dollars, it will always be about connection, service and creating a better, more significant impact for all womxn kind.

Call it altruistic or unwise, we don't care what you call it.  In fact, we don't really care about your opinions, judgments or advice.  If you have it, keep it to yourself.  You stay in your lane doing your thing, and we will stay in ours. 

We won't ever glamorize side hustles and making daydreams a reality.  Actually, we are going to tell you how fucking hard it is. How you have to stay persistent and consistent and show up every damn day with courage and guts and the will to not burn it all down.

We don't shine bright every day or live on good vibes only.  We feel and break and build and fail. We are ever evolving beings that are relentless in the pursuit to live fully alive and leave a dent on this world we are in.  

We were never the “cool girl’s” or a part of the “it crowd”. And frankly, thank goddess. We know what it’s like to be bullied by other girls, to feel left out and not belong. We make half circles when we gather to symbolize that there’s no closed circle, you are always welcome here.

We opt for hugs over handshakes, deep dives over surface level banter and we will always say a polite ‘no thanks’ to networking. Give us the real connection, the be yourself and the unapologetically real.

What you will find here is two women (pro-nouns she/her/hers) who were born hardworking and purpose driven.  We could never quite fit in and were never able to settle for the status quo.  We have always been daydreamers but could never see ourselves actually making it happen.  We've experienced life in the most beautiful and brutal ways. We love fiercely and devote our existence to helping others. We grieve daily and also seek out all the every day small joys.

We are in constant awareness of our privilege. We get fired up and don't stay quiet. If you think politics aren't personal, then we aren't your people or platform.  We actively try to unlearn, rewrite, tear down and relearn it all.   We value diversity, inclusion, and representation and tend to use the descriptor {womxn} to ensure folks know our space is your space.

We fuck up...a lot.  We are always trying to learn more and be better versions of ourselves. We value imperfection, messiness and yes, even the failures- especially the failures. We believe when people are inauthentic, disingenuous or fake, that they are actually in pain. But also, some people are just assholes.

We have combined years of experience working in non-profits, small businesses, government, healthcare, communities and as creative entrepreneurs. We have lots of credentials and letters behind our names that we could flash around. But in the end, none of that matters if we don’t maintain our unwavering passion to do this heart work.

We are relentless in our pursuit of defying the status quo and the age old mentality of “this is how it’s always been done”. We believe that true creativity, innovation and connection starts with vulnerability and courage (thank you fairy godmother Brené Brown).

We know how to create connection between people in a way you’ve never experienced. We know how to build the kind of community you’ve always wanted to be a part of.

Nothing lights us up more than connection. It’s our jam. We believe it’s the core of everything we do - from Gatherings, workshops and services, to business support and brunches - it always comes back to connection. We gain sparks of energy when we can do this work and serve the womxn, brands, causes and community we connect with.

Bottom line is, we are here and we are shaking things up. We are here to make waves and to build each other up to ride those currents together. We are here to rally behind and alongside other womxn in this heart work too.

We know we aren’t for everyone. That’s why we want to be sure you know who we are, what we do and the why behind it all. We want you to own your choice in what you consume. This is your permission slip to unfollow or unsubscribe if:

>You’d rather live on the surface than get real

>You aren’t fully open to connecting with ALL womxn

>You’d rather be comfortable than courageous

>You feel like we are too much or not enough

>You don’t believe in our values or mission

Because we don’t follow or subscribe to folks, companies or accounts that we don’t align with so why should you? We are here to connect, relate, rebel, serve, collaborate and inspire. Permission granted. You do you.

But if you stick around know this: It’s your turn, our turn, her turn. Welcome, you belong here.

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